Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 36 - Brussels, Belgium

Today I'd be continuing my journey on the Eurail Pass by heading to Brussels. I skipped breakfast, took the 21 bus to Amsterdam central and tried to make the train. I missed it by literally one minute.

So I had to wait an hour for the next one. In that time, I got something to eat. Guess it's the universe's way of telling me I shouldn't skip breakfast.

I boarded my train at 11:54, and made my way to Brussels. As soon as I arrived, I reserved my seat for a train to Paris two days in advance. Reserving the direct route would have costed €26, so I opted for the cheaper option of €3 which would take me through Tournai and Lille - interchanging at both stations.

I then went to find my hostel. It took me a while to find, as the directions on hostelworld weren't made perfectly clear, but with asking for directions here and there, I found my way, and once I checked in and left my things in the dorm, I headed out to see the city sights.

First place I went to see was the cathedral. It looked very French, and very much like out of one of the Tomb Raider video games.

I later had dinner at a Greek restaurant, with Greek speakers. I'm always happy to find other Greeks, being of Greek heritage myself.

That was that. Tomorrow I'll take a day trip to Luxembourg, since it's only three hours by train. Might as well visit the tiny country, as I may not have the chance again anytime soon.

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