Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 33 - Berlin to Amsterdam

I got up at 9, packed my things, and headed to the train station. There was a train departing for Amsterdam at 10:37, and I hopped on board with my Eurail Pass (pretty sure I had to reserve a seat first, which costs around €3).

The ride went pretty fast. While on board I contemplated whether I should have gotten off the train at Amsterdam Central or Schipol Airport. I went with Schipol, since it was closer to The Hague. Amsterdam Central was actually out of the way, so I decided to make it easy and stick with Schipol.

When I arrived I found my way on board a train to The Hague, and sent a message to my friends telling them that I'd be arriving shortly. Their names are Mika and Mitch, and they are awesome.

They were even more awesome in person. I recognised Mitch when he pulled out his phone, looking as if he were about to text. We looked up at eachother and said hey! Mika was right outside.

Mika and Mitch are a couple who met online a few years ago. Mika himself was from Finland.

We greeted and made way for the car. I shared my travel stories up until we got to the apartment flats, where I descended an extremely steep staircase to get inside - and then became acquainted with Mitch's dad. I thanked him for letting me stay. I told my travel stories, explaining that I had come all the way from China without flying, and he was very impressed. We all sat down to watch Mission Impossible 3 later, which featured Berlin at the beginning and I was quick to say "I just came from there!", to which we all laughed.

We chatted online together with another one of our friends from Slovenia, Ana, who we would all love to meet and whom I actually will be meeting on this trip. It was getting late and we all headed to bed soon after, and I slept on a mattress in the next room. I had my phone and Wi-Fi to look around for deals on the Eurostar. I snabbed a really cheap one on the exact date I intended to cross over the channel!

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